RUDE You're So Fine Pigment Acrylic Display, 48 Pieces - Free Shipping

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Elevate your makeup collection with the RUDE You're So Fine Pigment Acrylic Display. This stunning set includes 48 pieces of highly pigmented, fine-milled pigments that deliver intense color payoff and versatility. Each pigment pot offers vibrant, blendable shades perfect for creating bold eyeshadow looks, striking highlights, or custom lip colors. Ideal for makeup enthusiasts, professionals, and beauty stores, the elegant acrylic display showcases the pigments beautifully, making it an attractive addition to any retail space. Enjoy the convenience of free shipping on every order and add a touch of brilliance to your makeup artistry with this comprehensive pigment display set.


  • Includes 48 pieces of high-quality, fine-milled pigments
  • Intense color payoff with vibrant, blendable shades
  • Versatile use for eyeshadow, highlights, and custom lip colors
  • Elegant acrylic display for retail spaces
  • Perfect for makeup enthusiasts and professionals
  • Enhances creativity and makeup artistry
  • Free shipping on all orders